[Beta] Rearranging citations in Quick Citation window

The refactored Quick Citation window is still behaving somewhat buggy for me. I just saw two problem behaviors with citations with affixes.

1. In a citation with two items, the first item has no affixes, and the second item has a prefix and suffix. I can drag the second item before the first (to the beginning of the citation), but I could not drag the first item after the second (to the end of the citation). The cursor would show in the drop area, but nothing would move when I released the mouse button.

2. I accidentally released the mouse button while dragging one of the items and hovering over the other. The item being dragged disappeared and got inserted into the other item's page field with some text reading <span … When I clicked on the remaining item, the span text disappeared. This behavior happened sporadically and I couldn't see a pattern.
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