Item type - meeting or conference

What's the best way to add a meeting or conference? Note, not referring to a specific conference paper or meeting presentation.
  • If you mean the conference proceedings volume, then enter it as a Book. If you mean the event itself, currently, the best approach is to add these as Presentation. What style are you using, and what do you expect the reference to look like?
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    I meant the event and I ended up picking "Presentation" as the closest. This isn't related to a style or even the need to cite. I am introducing Zotero to a group and want our meeting agendas to be available through Zotero. So, I wanted to create a "Meeting" item and add all meeting related documents, such as agenda, to the main item. I could probably also use "Document" type.

    Is there a plan to add "Meeting" as an item type? Wouldn't this be a fairly common need when people need to cite just the conference (or any kind of meeting) and not the proceedings or a paper?
  • Citing meetings or conferences isn't particularly common, no. Citing performances is common in some arts/humanities fields; a "Performance" type could likely substitute for "Meeting" if needed.

    In terms of ever citing or referring to your agenda/minutes, Document or Report would probably be best, so that might be a good option for you.
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