NEED a Serial or Journal Item record type!

Please! Can someone take a book item structure and make a Serials Item type. You can add a Beginning date (y or m/y or d/m/y) and Vol (and issue) and Ending Date & Vol. it would be good if we have a Y/N ceased confirmation field. And replace ISBN field with ISSN. So people can catalog their collections and I can trace a serial and journal title.

What do Serials people do for cataloging collections? Is there another open software that can help me?
  • A ‘periodical’ type is planned for a future update to Zotero/CSL. For now, entering these as Journal Article generally yields the best results.
  • Not the best results for my purposes.
    Zotero is hard enough to have contributors learn how to add records without having to tell them that we can't put the title in the title field, but to use the Series field instead. Unless I can reorder how the fields appear in the record. (Can I do that?).

    I would be very happy to talk to someone about record design for development. Or if I can talk to someone about what I'm trying to do so you tell me a better way to do it.
  • No, I mean put the Title in the title field.

    So, for example:
    Title: Journal of Applied Psychology
    Volume: 1-10
    Editor: Smith || John

    For date ranges, enter them in Extra like this:
    Issued: 1910/1920

    This will yield reasonable citations. The people working on CSL are familiar with the general needs, but if you want to give a list of fields you would find necessary, feel free to respond here:
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    But also note that if you're running a research project on serials with specific metadata and linking needs -- as it sounds like from your other post -- you may just be better of setting up a custom database (which could be as simple as a well-set-up spreadsheet) than being frustrated about Zotero not being suitable for your needs.

    E.g. something like a Y/N ceased confirmation field -- I totally understand why this is relevant for someone who catalogs or researches serials, but I just don't see that happening in a general purpose reference manager.

  • If I can't create a customized item type or you have no current plans to create an item type to create serical record that meet my needs. A spreadsheet sounds like a better use of my needs than Zotero.
    1) Will all the tabs and fields be transferable?
    1) Where can I find guidance about setting up a transfer from Zotero into spreadsheet?
  • Zotero exports data as CSV, which you can open in Excel. That includes all fields, yes. No special instructions needed -- it's just regular right-click --> Export, though do ask if you have any questions.
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    I need the notes and related tabs too. Those tabs did not come thru in the single record export. I take it that when I export the whole library, it will copy the library to export. The File>Export Library... command will not move the whole library out of Zotero.
  • Right, export doesn't actually remove anything from Zotero; that'd be terrible.

    If you check the export notes box, notes should export, yes. Related unfortunately not -- that would be a good bit harder to do, especially in a useful way.
  • yes please for serials object/item type, I know Zotero is not a catalogue per se, but on the desktop it's how it can be used occasionally
  • A Periodical item type is planned. No need for further justification for it.
  • Thank you! for creating the Periodical item type. Are you taking suggestions on what fields to include? Would I be pushing it to learn how we would we know when it's ready to be to tested?
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