Registration improvment Firefox lockwise and account confirmation link in email.


Happy newcomer in Zotero, I wanted to share my experience in booting up my library using what's look like a great piece of open source software.

On ubuntu-based, it seems yet too complicated to make it running from a repository, but the github script does the job. Look forward to seeing the repo implemented.

On the account registration webpage, you shall configure the password field to comply with the newly released attributes from Firefox lockwise, this way Firefox automatically proposes a randomly generated password that will be stored and synced across devices, assuming you are using firefox sync.

On the email account registration, you shall also configure the link to confirm your account as an HTML link rather than a plain text url.

As a little help, here is the email confirmation you get from the KDE account creation, you shall use to make yours a little friendlier.

Hello $username,

Thanks for activating your account on KDE Identity.

Details of your account are below.
Please keep this mail for your records.

Should you need any assistance regarding your account, please feel free to reply to this email.

Username: $nickname.
Email: $

KDE Identity site administrators.

Thank you for reading this! ;)
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