Sync Error: Error 412, Item has been modified, Object is out of date

I had a long running Javascript during a snapshot that stalled the app.

* That forced me to hard shutdown the app.
* Looking for the item E3MAXNZH in either local Zotero storage and WebDAV does show an item with that ID.

Did not look into the SQL-Database.

Tried to delete the possible item (from personal memory) did not help.

Sync error remains.

See Report & Debug ID below for Details

Relevant lines (from my point of view).

[JavaScript Error: "Error 412 for item E3MAXNZH in Meine Bibliothek:

ZoteroObjectUploadError: Item has been modified since specified version (expected 40790, found 40792)"]

[JavaScript Error: "Object in Meine Bibliothek is out of date -- resetting library"]

Report-ID: 111667818
Debug ID: D1479975763
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