Make Norwegian translation available (for testing)?

I have translated the remaining strings for Norwegian Bokmål on transifex. This localization has for some time now not been available due to the low amount of translated strings. I hope that will change in the near future.
However, before this translation is made generally available, would it be possible to include it in the upcoming beta versions to check its accuracy?
  • Thanks! I've pushed a new Zotero beta that includes all the new strings.
  • Thank you, unfortunately Norwegian Bokmål is still not available on the pull-down list for Language under Preferences, Advanced, General. Perhaps there are some other settings in some language files that need to be updated to enable Norwegian Bokmål to show on the pull-down list?
  • Ah, sorry about that. Try the latest beta.
  • Thank you, now I am able to test the Norwegian translation.
  • This locale is now available in 5.0.82. Thank you!
  • edited January 22, 2020
    Thanks to you too for including it in the updated version.
    Unfortunately there is a bug of mine in the Norwegian translation that I thougth that I had manage to fix, but apparently did not and that still is present in 5.0.82.
    The third text string that is shown under an empty "My Publications" should have the first part in bold, somehow the file used in the current version has both in front and in end of that string, resulting in a program error that requires the program to be restarted. I have now checked it twice that the code is correct in the file number 1091, and cannot find anything else that could cause this error in the translation file. The report ID is: 1147511714. Switching to English, the error does not occur. I am sorry about this!
  • I can confirm that the reported problem is solved in 5.0.83-beta.1+55c88dc91.
    Thank you!
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