Group Library - Where are the files stored?

edited January 15, 2020
If somebody will aproach group library (invite from me) through his/her Zotero ... where will be stored those files he/she will be working with? On his/her PC? Or it will stay on cloud at
  • Files will be synced to the local computer and stored in subfolders in the “storage” directory in the Zotero data directory. Any changes to these files are kept in sync with the versions stored on the Zotero servers.

    By default, all files will be synced down to the local computer at sync time. This can be changed in the Sync settings to only download files as needed.

    Only group members with file editing privileges will be able to edit files.

    On the Zotero servers, files count against the group owner’s file storage quota, not other group members’ quotas.
  • Thanks a lot!
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