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I upgraded to Windows 10 and my citation styles have all been lost.
  • Win error 5 during operation remove on file F:\Zotero\translators\Baidu Scholar.js (Access is denied.
    Something on your computer is blocking Zotero's attempts to write to disk. This could be due to security software or the permissions in your Zotero data directory. For the latter, make sure that your OS user account has full read and write permissions for the entire Zotero data directory.
  • Thanks for trying to help. I realised that it was something to do with permissions, so I changed the permissions for the F:\Zotero folder to give full access to Anybody, but it didn't help.
    The folder is on an sd card, and was working fine before the Windows 10 upgrade ...
  • I would start by moving it to your local disk and pointing Zotero there to see if that helps. You can also try just deleting the 'styles' and 'translators' directories in the data directory to see if Zotero is able to recreate those, but you very well may run into other weird problems if this is a general issue.

    This is a problem outside of Zotero, though, so I'm afraid you'll mostly need to debug this yourself.
  • Thanks. That was what I tried next. I now have it set to use the default folder on C: and it works, but of course I lost access to the locally-downloaded files. When I tried copying over the Zotero folder from F: it stopped working again :-(
    I'll just try re-downloading the files and then see if I can port the folder back to F: without breaking (I don't really want Zotero using space on C:)
    I appreciate your efforts to help very much.
  • No, hang on — we'll work with you on this, so don't redownload all your files or anything like that. For debugging you would have to do yourself, I'm talking about things unrelated to Zotero.
  • @Chr1sG:
    When I tried copying over the Zotero folder from F: it stopped working again
    If you're saying you're getting the same error, try deleting 'styles' and 'translators' — it's not clear to me if you've tried that. You can also create a new directory and move all the contents of the old data directory (minus 'styles' and 'translators') into the new one.

    There's nothing magic about the directory, so you definitely shouldn't rebuild it from scratch on the C drive and move it back to F. It's just a question of figuring out what's blocking this.
  • Ok, cool. I'll see what I can do tomorrow and get back to you. In the meantime, I need to get to bed :-)
  • It looks like I manged to fix things.
    After I'd set Zotero to use the C: drive default location, I copied the existing Storage folder from F: and things worked Ok.
    I then copied the whole Zotero folder contents (on C:) back to a fresh location on F: and set the programme to use this new location, and now I'm back in business (and I can delete the folder on C:).
    I guess it may have worked if I'd done this all in a single step, but I didn't know what might work until I tried.
    Thanks for your helpful contributions.
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