Access denied when accepting group invite

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    @fcheslack, I am having this issue as well. I am the group owner and the person I invited to join the group is getting exactly the message that was described above. Help please!
  • This is generally working for people, and as far as I can tell the invitations you sent have not been accessed. My best guess would be that the user is pasted an incomplete url from the invitation email, or the link got mangled somehow in reaching their inbox.
    They should make sure they're accessing the exact url from the email.
    You can also send them an invitation that can be accepted directly on from their user profile after they register an account.
  • Thanks for the fast response. She says she just clicked on the link as it arrived in her inbox and got the error message. I've deleted the original invitations and re-sent a new one, but I don't think she's pasting anything.

    I'm also not sure what you mean about sending an invitation that can be accepted directly on from her user profile. Can you clarify, please? How would I do that?
  • ditto accepted invitation and logged in, but don't show up in private group
    also want to know how to send invitation within zotero
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