Zotero capitalises pH to PH in titles

If I use the citation style preview on publications with pH in the title then the capitalisation is automatically converted to PH. This occurs when I create the bibliography using the American Chemical Society citation style, when I select "Style Preview" in the preferences menu and I guess unsurprisingly also when I try and use it via the word plugin. I am getting round this atm using <span class="nocase"> pH </span> but maybe this is something which could be included?

Here is an example bibliography using the "Create bibliography feature" to illustrate the problem
Yin, Jun, Ying Hu, and Juyoung Yoon. “Fluorescent Probes and Bioimaging: Alkali Metals, Alkaline Earth Metals and PH.” Chem. Soc. Rev. 44, no. 14 (2015): 4619–44. https://doi.org/10.1039/C4CS00275J.
  • The “span” syntax is the way to avoid title casing individual words. Adding individual words to a blacklist is likely to lead to unexpected false positives and is fairly opaque to users, so I don’t think such a thing would be implemented.

    (@dstillman @adamsmith Given that Zotero/citeproc-js don’t [and shouldn’t] support complete HTML markup in fields, I’ve wondered whether replacing the more verbose tags for smallcaps and nocase with shorter tags, like <nocase>, would be a better user experience.)
  • Thanks for the quick reply, that makes sense. Would it be possible to make the blacklist accessible in the user's own copy of Zotero? Or is it even something which I could already edit?
  • I thought we did not titlecase words with lowercase-uppercase combination where lowercase is in first position?
    If we're not already doing that, that seems like it'd be a good idea that'd avoid pH and similar

    (no, the blacklist isn't currently accessible without compiling Zotero; not sure if that'd be good to allow)
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