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    I am having issues as well, Zotero erro on every article I try to save. I have restarted computer, logged in and out and updated it and still shows errors. Help!
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    See Troubleshooting Translator Errors.
  • @erinrai: I've already moved your post to a new thread, so you can continue here. You'll need to follow the troubleshooting steps I linked to.
  • I did troubleshoot. I tried to uninstall and it won't allow me to reinstall, stating current Zotero in process.
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    You didn't follow those steps in full, or else you'd be providing more information. We can't help you further until you do so. (But it's almost certainly going to be something on that page, so you won't actually need to make it to the end.)
  • I have been using Zotero for 6 months without any issues on my MacBook. The icon is gray and when I go to save from google scholar, it states error, unable to save. I have troubleshooted, uninstalled zero connector and reinstalled. I am able to open in on Launch and see my library. I have the updated version. I went on the link and it shows active. I have zotero open when trying to save with zotero connector and still has an error message. I went to help screen and pressed debug and it saved a debug ID to my clipboard. Do you need that ID number, and if yes, where is the clipboard?
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    Yes, we need the Debug ID and the other information requested in that section. The clipboard thing just means you need to paste it in here. It's the same as copying and pasting any other text on your computer, except Zotero copies the number for you and you only need to paste it.

    But if this is on Google Scholar specifically, you're likely just being blocked by Google Scholar. See Site Access Limits.
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