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I have gotten to quite like the tinyMCE note editor. Being able to give each note title a heading style is very useful when copying a generated report into LibreOffice Writer whose Navigator then allows me to reorder the notes thanks to the headings. However, at least on my Mac (High Sierra MacBook Air) it is very tricky to use more headings in the body of the note. I find that I need to insert double blank lines before and after the text I want to make a heading or else the adjoining paragraph gets heading style too. Do you know if there's any setting I can use to improve this?
  • Are these notes you're typing yourself or that you imported from somewhere? If the former, are you using Shift-Return instead of just Return to create line breaks?

    Under normal usage, this wouldn't happen. You can try this yourself:

    1) Create a new standalone note.
    2) Type "foo" and press Return, which creates a new paragraph.
    3) Type "bar".
    4) Click on "foo" and change the style to "Heading 1".

    Only "foo" will be a heading. "bar", which is a separate paragraph, will remain as body text.

    If you use Shift-Return instead of Return, that will create a line break rather than a new paragraph, and since styles apply to the entire paragraph, both lines would be formatted as headings. The same could be the case for an imported note, depending on how it was generated.
  • Wow. You got it in one. I have been using espanso to paste templates into the note pane and I guess they are seen as one plain text paragraph despite all the blank space etc. Hang on ... now ... if each note is a paragraph, when a multi-note report is generated, it should be possible to split it into separate notes (Treeline does this although I think it's at blank lines) and make a few plain-text devotees happy :-) Anyway, I am putting Heading 1 titles in all notes now and I thing LibreOffice Writer will split these into sub-documents of the "master document" pasted from the report. Not that I'm advocating moving to a plain-text note-taking app, in fact I've just written a document on taking research notes with Zotero. Thanks, Dan. All the best for 2020.
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