What is the right item type for a conference proceedings volume

I'm using Zotero, but my background is using Bibtex, which has an item type that is `@proceedings`. What's the corresponding type for Zotero? I don't see anything obvious in the pull-down menu ("book" is probably the closest).

Bibtex will typically optimize a bibliography by citing the conference proceedings volume separately, and cross-referencing from the citations for individual conference papers, so you don't have to repeat the book title, editors, address, etc.
  • CSL cannot do that sort of cross-referencing in the bibliography.

    I would recommend storing these volumes as Book. If you are using Zotero to manage a BibTeX database, I recommend you install and use the BetterBibTeX plugin. You can tell BetterBibTeX to export an item as @proceedings by adding tex.referencetype: proceedings to the Extra field.
  • @bwiernik Thank you so much for cluing me in!

    I was pretty sure that this was possible with Better Bibtex, but my Search fu was just too weak to find the solution.

    Really appreciate the response.
  • For reference, it is (fairly summarily, I admit) described here.

    I wouldn't blame your Search-fu. Given how many knobs and dials BBT has accrued over the years, I realize that BBTs discoverability of features, both in terms of its UI and the documentation site, is rather poor. I have a blind spot for these things as I by and large know how BBT works and I find it hard to find the things I understand non-obvious, and even then it happens occasionally that I set out to fix a problem for a user only to find out after delving through the code in search for the right place to make it possible that I have, in fact, made it possible long ago.
  • @emilianoeheyns In this section:
    Changing the exported reference type
    If you add a field called referencetype using either one of these methods, that value will be used as the reference type instead of the one usually inferred from the Zotero reference type. You can use this to create, for example, @customa{citekeyhere, ....} type references.
    Doe the comment "using either one of these methods" mean that you can use either of the LaTeX syntax methods (`=` or `"`) or does it mean you can using either LaTeX syntax or the analogous CSL method (`Type: `)?
  • I need to update that. The "either one" referenced the deprecated (even if it does still work for now) biblatex[...] syntax and the also-deprecated (even if it does still work for now) JSON format.
  • (although type may work? I'd need to test that)
  • CSL Type: or the deprecated {:type: :} will both be detected and will translate to a fixed mapping in BBT.
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