Question about searching across multiple collections

I have multiple collections in My Library, and in the one I'm using currently, let's call it BOOK, I have several subcollection folders, FRANCE, BRITAIN, .... If I do a search with the BOOK folder selected and "everything" menu selected, will the search take place in all the subfolders?
  • The "search bar" doesn't exactly do a search. It actually filters the items that are already visible. So your question isn't really about the search bar — you just want to show items from subcollections when viewing a parent collection so that the search bar includes those. You can do that by selecting "Show Items from Subcollections" from the View menu.

    (The three modes in the search bar — "Title, Creator, Year", "All Fields & Tags", "Everything" — aren't relevant either. Those just control where it's looking within the visible items for your search terms.)
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