[Feature request] Alternative editor for note taking

edited January 13, 2020
This topic came a lot in the past, but I would like in this thread to propose something that I've recently come across and I think it might cover a really large audience with its provided features and easy of use. Previously ppl (including msyelf) had suggested alternative editors with the hope of including support for latex. Among those ideas some suggested, tinymce, mathjax, and external services.

I've recentely come across an online free editor that combines the best of both worlds, easy of use, just like writing in word and support for latex, easy drawing, tables, todo, etc, you name it.

Plus, I believe it is writen entirely in javascript and it is opensource which could potentially make it easier to integrate with zotero or provide it as a plugin.

The editor is mathcha.io, and I'm trhowing the idea here in hopes that somone might pick it up, even as an external plugin.

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