Error message


I am having issues installing the zotero add-in on my microsoft word. I am using microsoft windows 10, google chrome, and my laptop runs with windows 10. I keep getting an error message saying "Word cannot open this document template." (C:\Users\aorih\AppData\...\Zoter.dotm). I have tried re-installing the zotero add-in a few times from the Zotero app and I constantly get this message. Is there any way to help me?
  • What Word version?

    This could be a problem with your Word installation, but try removing Zotero.dotm from your Word startup folder, restart Word to make sure all traces of the Zotero plugin are gone, and then try reinstalling from the Cite → Word Processors pane of the Zotero preferences.
  • Did you ever get this to work?
  • @flh3 If you are having problems, can you describe exactly what is happening for you and also answer the questions dstillman asks above?
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