Legal citing in APA ed7 style

I 've been racking my brains lately on how best cite greek laws (or other legal output) published in the official Government Gazette. Using Statute item, which blanks should I fill in? The abbr. "Pub. L. No." seems quite odd in Greek, although I know what it stands for. How could I change it? Appart from that, I believe that the number and the issue (letter A for laws) of the Gazette ought to be put together somehow (e.g. 122A΄or A:122).
Thanks in advance.
St. Dim.
  • The style is written to cite US law, and you would need to edit the style to handle other jurisdictions like Greek.
  • Thanks for replying. How do I edit style? Is there a link or a "proper" (that's acceptable) way? Should I follow Bluebook or something else?
  • I really can’t help you with the specifics of Greek legal citations. I would recommend you contact a legal scholar about that. Bluebook is what the APA CSL style follows. It’s designed for US Law.
  • I think Bluebook does include non-US citations, doesn't it? And if you want to cite Greek laws in APA, you should probably follow the bluebook-recommended format, but Zotero just doesn't have the flexibility to provide that.
    One option might be to just cite the laws manually. If you edit the style, it'd be a custom copy for yourself, but it's fairly involved
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