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Good day

Was invited to a group by an owner to assemble biblo
which was my idea. A librarian pointed me to the Zotero
app and set up a group library. He then set me an invite to join.
The group has 2 members, myself (admin) and the owner. I have
completed the biblo (1400+ records) and now have contacted
owner for next step. We both were participants in a blog and
I captured the book suggestions members of the blog offered up
over a span of 12-13 years. The idea was to advise members of the
blog that there is a Zotero group library of reading material available
which they could access.
The owner has know gone incommunicado and I am
concerned about losing all my effort. I have backed up Zotero
folder off my PC. I want the owner to consider transferring of
ownership of the group library to myself. His initial offering was to
just try and help in the use of Zotero but did not want to really
be an active participant..just offered to try and help me get it
off the ground. He is a librarian by profession.
If for instance the person has died what happens
to the group that is attached to the deceased owner?

Would like to know If there are any options.

  • Contact with details about the group and the situation, and they may be able to help you transfer ownership.
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