Use two indepedent citation lists in Zotero

Hi all,
I use Zotero Standalone for references related to my research work and use a lot of labels to help me sort through these lists.
Of late, I've been accumulating a lot of web links (to news websites and the like) that I would like to keep for future reference.
I am, however, not keen on mixing these with my my research related bibliography lists.
I could open two Zotero accounts and use one of research work and the other for links to news websites. However, that will necessitate constant logging in and out of accounts.
Is there some way I could keep these two lists separate and still use Zotero to access them?
If this is not possible with Zotero, can you suggest another reliable online citation tool that I may turn to?
  • I would recommend creating a new Zotero Group to hold the items in your news items list. This will create a separate library in the Zotero app that you can use to store these items. You can be the only member of group (e.g., I have a similar library that I use to store items for personal projects).
  • Thanks. I looked around and see there is a button to create a new group. Pressing it takes me to my online account for some reason, and asks me to create the new group.
    Under "My Library" I also see a button that lets me create a "New Collection." What is this about?
    What's the difference between creating a new group and a new collection?
  • Thanks. This looks neat now that I've had a chance to see how it works.
    I am wondering how entries in the a group are backed up. I know the Zotero main library has its own folder where I am supposed to backup "Storage" etc.
    But, how will I keep a backup of the files in the group?
  • On disk they're laid out in the same folder as the main library. You can only see the different groups and collections inside zotero.
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