How to import several pdf in zotero from a folder on PC

Hello everyone,
i would like to import in Zotero all my pdf files at once (more than 10 000 references).
They are organized in my PC in different folders included in one big folder call bibliography.
I can add the pdf one by one but not a folder by dragging it on zotero.
Is there a solution ?
Many thanks in advance !
  • You can select and drag multiple PDFs to Zotero at once. You can’t drag the folder, but can you can multiple files. I’d recommend doing this is batches, though, rather than trying all 10000 at once, to avoid potential memory issues.

    If you hold down Shift while dragging the files, they will be moved, rather than copied, to Zotero’s internal storage.
  • Many thanks for your very clear answer !
    It is exactly what I was afraid of ... I have more than hundred folders in my big folder, it means that I have to open all of them one by one to drag all the pdf in each one !
    You unfortunately confirm that it is not possible to drag a folder ...
    Have a good sunday !
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    If you don't need to preserve the folder structure in any way, you can do a search in your operating system for all PDFs within that parent directory and drag those all to Zotero.
  • Very good idea ! I will try like this !!
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