Zotero references formatted strangely

My zotero references, after i click add/edit bibliography, are formatted in the correct citation format but with fullstop or dot marks at the beginning. eg
1. …...Thabane L, Mbuagbaw L, Zhang S, Samaan Z, Marcucci M, Ye C, Thabane M, Giangregorio L, Dennis B, Kosa D, Borg Debono V, Dillenburg R, Fruci V, Bawor M, Lee J, Wells G, Goldsmith CH.A tutorial on sensitivity analyses in clinical trials: the what, why, when and how. BMC Med Res Methodol. 2013 Jul 16;13:92

How do I correct this?
  • Which citation style?
  • Anesthesiology
  • Are you showing formatting markers in Word? This is still odd, but if they're just signalling spaces or so, it wouldn't be an issue. Does this happen with other styles, e.g. Vancouver?
  • Hi. Format looks ok when the document is opened using word. But not in open Office. Just checked that it looks ok when I use other formats. So maybe just an issue with this specific reference format in Zotero
  • Note that Zotero does not support Open Office. You should switch to LibreOffice, which is more actively developed.
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