Citation > 2 authors all mentions with "et al."

Hi everyone

I've got a problem with the citation of journals or books with more than two authors: the citation is already abbreviated in the first mention (for example "Hussy et al. (2013)" instead of "Hussy, Schreier, & Echterhoff (2013)"). But first, there should be mentioned all authors and in the second mention there should be only "et al.". I already updated Zotero, tried in a new document, started everthing from beginning, ...

Can someone tell me where the problem is?

Thank you, for your help!
  • What citation style?
  • I’m assuming you are using APA style. APA 7th edition uses et al even from the first reference. If you want APA 6th edition, you can install it from the Cite pane of Zotero preferences.
  • Thanks @bwiernik :)
    You were right, I'm using the APA style and didn't notice the change with APA 7th edition.
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