Elsevier stile for EIMC journal


I choose the Elsevier stile requiered for the journal EIMC, but the layout differs from the manuscript intructions. The jorunal requirements are a numerical layout. The numbers may be dispayed as superindex in the text and then must appear in the same order in the bibliography list.

How can i do it?

  • There appear to be some minor differences we can look at, but you should already be getting numbered superscripted references. Aren't you?
  • yes. The jornal requires numbered superscripted references. Can you help me?
  • @lgarciasanmiguel
    Adamsmith asked liked that as you describe it as that even the in-text (numbers) are already not displayed, while our EIMC style certainly already does that. Can you confirm that?

    I just checked a random paper. Numbers are given by appearance. Our citation style also does that.

    Can you double check you have the style set in your document preferences? You can always this style: http://www.zotero.org/styles/vancouver-superscript (our EIMC style is just a dependent of that)
  • well, the thing is the stile requiered is Elsevier but with numbered superscript.
    The Zoter Elsevier stile give an outlayer in the text of authors ands dates and in the bibliografic list of alphabetic order of authors...

    maybe the combination of Vancouver-superscipt and Elsevier?

    Thank you
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    If you are seeing author-date formatting then you certainly are not using the EIMC or vancouver-superscript style.

    In Word, go to the Zotero part on top, click on Document Preferences and set the citation style there.

    See this: https://www.zotero.org/support/word_processor_plugin_usage
  • Thank you for your help. Finally its working
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