Zotfile Send to/Get from Tablet vs. Linked Files + Dropbox

Why should I use Tools>Zotfile Preferences...>"Send to Tablet" and "Get from Tablet"? Rather than just let Dropbox handle the syncing between devices, which seems to work well on its own.

I am using Linked files in Zotero with a Dropbox folder and the Dropbox app on my laptop and on my tablet. It appears that I am able to open, annotate, save and sync PDFs on either laptop (starting from the Zotero interface) or tablet (starting from Dropbox or my PDF reader). And any changes made are visible on the other device after syncing.... which is reasonable since Dropbox is handling the sync-ing.

Whereas Zotfile seems to push files into the Zotero database, and out of the Linked Files flow.

Perhaps I'm missing something about Zotfile Send/Get Tablet...?

(I have the latest Zotero - yay! - and Zotfile -wow, love the annotation extract.)

Thanks and sorry for the newby question.

  • If you're already using linked files, there's little advantage to using Send to Tablet. It's very useful if you're using Zotero's own storage.
  • Thanks for the prompt clarification. What I figured.
    I read the documentation and tried to implement it all!
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