Style Request: [Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus]

Hi, Could the style for Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus be created?

Author guidelines from the Journal:

ISSN: 1331-7768
e-ISSN: 1331-7776

In-text citation:

(Campbell and Pederson, 2007)

(Mares, 2001)


Campbell J. L., Pedersen O. K. (2007). The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success. Comp Polit Stud 40(3): 307–332. doi: 10.1177/0010414006286542

Mares I. (2001). Firms and the welfare state: When, why, and how does social policy matter to employers? In: Varieties of Capitalism. The Institutional Foundations of Comparative Advantage (Hall P. A., Soskice D., eds), Oxford University Press, New York, NY, USA, pp. 184–213

Papers formated with the style:

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    Thanks for following the guide. I'll look at it in the next days.
  • Thank you for your quick reply. I've realised that the examples of published journals are not formated accoarding to guidelines beacuse the journal published new guidelines recently and there are no published papers following those guidelines.

    Could you possibly tweak the differences? I'm listing them below:

    1. in journal article references: the period after the journal name and after the page numbers should be erased

    2. When referencing a book: there are no page numbers at the end

    3. When referencing a book chapter and conference papers:
    after the chapter title there's one period to many
    could the ed and eds be formated in small caps and without period
    after the brackets with the editors there are two periods instead one comma
    there should be no period after page numbers

    4. when referenceing web sources:
    could the brackets with information on last date accesed be square brackets
    and available written with capital letter

    5. when citing software:
    there's a period after the owner/author of the software that shouldn't be there
    there should be place of publishing at the end with no period

    6. when citing a thesis:
    there's a period at the end that shouldn't be there
    there's no type of thesis after the thesis title

    I appologize again for providing you the faulty matherial :/
  • Hi,

    Are you part of the editor team? Where are you taking this information if it's neither in their guidelines nor in currently published papers?
    Just looking at their last issue from 2019,, it looks like their style is a bit all over the place and not consistent.
  • One of the editors is my colleague so I asked her. I'm prepearing a paper for the Journal, that's why I'm invested in the style.

    Their new guidelines have some typos, that's why i asked her in the first place but you made the style before she got the chance to reply to me.

    I plan to share the style with them so they can put a link in guidelines since they don't have a technical editor and often mistakes in referencing get published as you saw in the issues i provided.

    If it's not too mush of a bother to you, would you consider tweaking the style?

    Thank you

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    thanks for clarifying. It's not about taking the time to make the changes, but it actually needs to make sense to make them. That's why I asked.

    1a. Done.
    1b. after page numbers: wasn´t done
    2. Never had those in the first place.
    3a. Fixed with 1.
    3b. Eds: small caps
    3c. now shown as "... (Eds.), Oxford...)
    4. Done
    5. Please give an example
    6. Please give an example...

    Current version, please double check the changes:
    Right click, save as, install:
  • 1. The period after page numbers (in journal articles without DOI) is still there:

    Current: Hadipanah A., Ghahremani A., Khorrami M., Ardalani H. (2015). Diversity in chemical composition and yield of essential oil from three ecotypes of sweet basil (O. basilicum L.) in Iran.Biol Forum - An Int J 7 (1): 1802–1805.

    Should be: Hadipanah A., Ghahremani A., Khorrami M., Ardalani H. (2015). Diversity in chemical composition and yield of essential oil from three ecotypes of sweet basil (O. basilicum L.) in Iran.Biol Forum - An Int J 7 (1): 1802–1805

    2. I should have stated that more clearly, there should be page numbers at the end of book references e.g.: pp. 120-130 or p. 65

    3. 3b – editor/s are shown as ED. / EDS. while they should be ed / eds (all small caps without the period)

    Also, page numbers should end without the period (in all types of references except the journal references with DOI)

    4. Brackets are fine, but the "available at:" is still in all small caps (should be written “Available at:”)

    5. Current: SAS Institute. (2004). SAS/STAT® 9.1 User’s Guide.

    Should be: SAS Institute (2004). SAS/STAT® 9.1 User's Guide. Cary, NC, USA

    6. Current: Klepo T. (2014). Genetic Diversity of Cultivated and Wild Olives (Olea europaea L.) in Croatia. University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture, Zagreb.

    Should be: Klepo T. (2014). Genetic Diversity of Cultivated and Wild Olives (Olea europaea L.) in Croatia. PhD. University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture, Zagreb
    (also no period at the end of reference)

    I hope i was detailed enough in my clarifications. Sorry for nitpicking.
  • 1b. dot after page numbers: removed (this might have removed dots elsewhere)
    2. book references don't have pages. I can't add that. The only thing that is sometimes added for books is the "number of pages".
    3b. The editor label is formatted as Small Caps. This is Small caps: Maybe you want something else, but are not using the right term
    4. ??? I guess you want it to be capitalised to "Available at:"?
    5. Software: Can't reproduce this. In what fields do you enter the data?
    6. You meant "it should not show the type/genre" for thesis. That´s removed.
  • 2. Could you add number of pages then for books?
    3b. You’re right, I meant all lowercase for the ed / eds …sorry for the confusion
    4. Exactly, sorry again. Now it’s perfect
    5. Authors: SAS Institute
    Title: SAS/STAT® 9.1 User's Guide
    City: Cary, NC, USA
    Year: 2004
    6. Just the contrary, there should be type of thesis after the title.
  • 2. number-of-pages, books: added. Not sure if you want that dot at the end.
    3b. editor label: small letters
    5. It already prints this out like this for me using the "Computer program" item type (which just follows the book scheme in CSL):
    "SAS Institute. (2004). SAS/STAT® 9.1 User’s Guide. Cary, NC, USA"

    6. Well, it had that already... Added it back in. (please explain things more precise)
    Hawking S. (1966). Properties of expanding universes. Doctoral thesis. University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

    Please make sure you´re actually using the latest version of the files I actually give.
  • 2. Yes, everything checks out now

    3. Checked, looks good

    5. I’m using the Computer Program as well and it prints out:

    "SAS Institute. (2004). SAS/STAT® 9.1 User’s Guide"

    Two issues…first, the period after “SAS Institute” should be removed, and second, the city is not printed for me.

    6. In what field are you inputting the “Doctoral Thesis”. I added the phrase in all possible fields and it still doesn’t print :/
    I uninstall the style every time and reinstall from the link that you provide.

    Would sending you screenshoots help maybe?
  • Hi,
    Yesterday's style fixed is already merged, so you can install the style via the repository:
    That way we make sure you use the last version. It should have this timestamp: 2020-01-13

    Re 5+6:
    Sure, some screenshots could help here.

    What you can also try is using a new document and testing it. That will give us clues.
  • Ok, I checked the style version, it's up to date.

    the link to screenshoots:

    As you will see, I tried a new set of references that i manually created and still geting the same output as before. Also tried a new document to input references.
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    ahhh. You're using Mendeley.
    This is the Zotero forum and as the Citation Style works for me that's as far I can help here. Mendeley is not the best with mapping the right CSL variables with the correct fields...

    I'll have a quick look tonight on my private Laptop as I don't have Mendeley on my work computer, but can't promise anything.
  • I appreciate all the help so far. Just let me know if you manage to work something out. If not, I'll correct those types of references by hand at the end.

    Thanks again

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    You need to use Mendeley "genre" for the thesis type. We've told them many times to fix this to no avail. (You can add fields to item types somewhere in the options/preferences)
  • Ah, that's what that was. Thanks. :)

    You can find it under: Tools -> Options -> Document Details
  • Thank you so much. The Thesis problem solved. As for Software, I tried adding some fields and it seems that the "City" filed in Zotero is by some logic in Mendeley in "Publication" field. If you can add a period and space after the title of software, that would work.
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    It already has a dot after the title:
    "SAS Institute. 2004. SAS/STAT® 9.1 User’s Guide. Cary, NC, USA."

    The author macro has the "." suffix for normal authors and for items it substitutes this with the title. The dot will always be there. Not sure why you're not seeing a dot. Works fine for me.
  • Thank you so much...this will speed up the writing process for sure :)
  • Could you just check the style for one thing that started to appear after the last update of the style?

    In all types of references, after the title, there's no period and empty space before Journal name etc.
  • Fix is on the way.
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