APA 7th with Abstract: Additional Questions

Thank you very much for providing the version of APA that includes the abstract (https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/80714/apa-7th-ed-with-annotations) I use this all of the time for literature searches.

I have some additional questions about how to make further modifications:

1. In what part of the code can I make an edit so that the order is chronological, instead of alphabetical?

2. Where/how would I add a field so the PMID was displayed?

3. There is a field in Zotero labeled Archive. When I export citations from Ebsco databases, this field is populated with a short abbreviation. It appears in the citation when I create a bibliography. For example: Van Horn, E. R., Hyde, Y. M., Tesh, A. S., & Kautz, D. D. (2014). Teaching pathophysiology: Strategies to enliven the traditional lecture. Nurse Educator, 39(1), 34–37. ehh. The ehh at the end of the citation doesn't mean anything or make sense.

I'm unsure of the purpose of the Archive field. I've used Zotero for the past several years, and I'm certain this field wasn't appearing in citations when I first starting using it.

Thank you for your assistance.
  • 1) In the bibliography section, under "sort", change the order of the "key" lines so that the date ones come first. Look at the apa-cv style for an example.

    2) In the bibliography layout section, add this after the line <text macro="publisher"/> line:

    <text variable="PMID" prefix="PMID: "/>
    <text variable="PMCID" prefix="PMCID: "/>

    3) Archive is used to indicate the physical or electronic archive an item was retrieved from. It appears when the item doesn't have a DOI or URL. You should delete that from the Archive field, as it isn't really necessary citation information, but other Archive items might be (e.g., a thesis saved from ProQuest theses). @adamsmith @zuphilip I'm not sure that the Ebsco translator should save those; should that be removed?
  • @bwiernik The EBSCO translator should remove explicitely any information in the archive field, see here. Is it possible that maybe an export to RIS was performed in EBSCO instead and then imported into Zotero or something like that?
  • @bwiernik Thank you very much for the instructions; it worked perfectly! If I wanted the Title of an article to appear in bold, where would I edit that in the code and what code would be added, the bold tag?

    @zuphilip Regarding your comment about the archive field, during a search, I oftentimes place numerous citations in an EBSCO folder and then export them at the end of my search into Zotero. The EBSCO option is: Direct Export in RIS Format. I did try saving citations from an EBSCO database to Zotero, using the Zotero connector, and when I do this, the Archive field isn't populated.

    Within EBSCO, these are the Export options:

    Save citations to a file formatted for:

    Direct Export in RIS Format (e.g. CITAVI, EasyBib, EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager, Zotero)
    Generic bibliographic management software
    Citations in XML format
    Citations in BibTeX format
    Citations in MARC21 format
    Direct Export to RefWorks
    Direct Export to EndNote Web
    Direct Export to EasyBib
    Download CSV

    Is there a different option that should be selected, rather than Direct Export?

    Thanks again for the assistance and explanations. Much appreciated!
  • You should be able to use the Save to Zotero button (as usual) also in the folder in EBSCO. However, it seems that this does not work currently, i.e. I only see DOI translator present in the folder. I try to fix this or create an issue for it.
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