[Solved, thanks] Creating report from selected items in a collection fails silently

edited January 4, 2020

I selected 231 items in a collection and requested a report via the right-click drop-down. I have done this successfully many times in the past. I'm using 5.0.81-beta.14+5fa979575 on a Mac OS 10.15.2 (19C57) with 32 GB ram. You will note that I restarted Zotero with debug active before I issued the command to generate a report.

Is the problem on my side or is this a new issue with the current beta?

Unless my memory is seriously flawed the report appeared on my screen very soon after my request in the past. You will note from the debug that I waited 5+ minutes in case the process was very slow. I also looked in my documents and download folders and on my desktop for a file.

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