IEEE xplore PDF downloads broken via proxy

Using the connector in Firefox, IEEE xplore PDF downloads work fine at the university, but not from home via the university proxy support in Zotero. I can still manually click the link on the IEEE website and open the PDF just fine. After a few seconds, a red X is displayed in front of the PDF in the little progress drop down. I'm fairly sure this used to work a few weeks ago.

Some additional observations:
* Open access PDFs from IEEE do work, it is just the locked ones that don't.
* The PDF downloads work fine with other publishers over proxy (such as SAGE).
* Even opening the PDF in the browser and trying to use "save to zotero" from there doesn't work.
* I do not use the Zotero Sync features, my Zotero setup is entirely local, in case that is in any way relevant.

Regarding log messages:
* Zotero Connector report ID (from clicking the button in the preferences): D1036955769
* In the error logs I have a lot of duplicates of the message [JavaScript Error: "Frame not found, or missing host permission" {file: "undefined"}]. However, there are so many duplicates of this I cannot tell when/if they are correlated with clicking the button.
* There are no new messages in the normal Javascript developer console after clicking the "save to zotero button".

Proxy settings:
* Scheme:
* Hostname:

Software versions:
* Firefox 71.0
* Zotero 5.0.80
* Zotero Connector 5.0.60
* OS: Ubuntu 18.04

Note: I tried filing this as a bug with the xplore translator plugin (which I still suspect it to be), but was directed here to the forum instead. Here is the original bug I filed:
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