Safely delete attachments from one computer but not from another?


I want to delete all pdfs from my library on one computer, because disk space is limited, but when I sync, I don't want zotero to delete my PDFs on other computers with the same library. How do I go about doing that? Thank you and happy holidays
  • You can do a search for all PDFs within the Zotero data directory and delete those from the search. Don't delete the parent directories, which may contain other (hidden) files related to the attachments.

    You should also set Zotero to download files "as needed" on this computer in the Sync pane of the preferences.

    A future Zotero version will provide more automatic ways of managing the amount of local disk space it takes up for copies of synced files.
  • On the computer I want to delete the attachments, I selected "as needed" and also deselected to sync attachments.

    I moved all the PDFs to trash, but not emptied the trash, jsut to be safe, synced, then synced the other computer which i WANT the attachments in, boom, the attachments in that computer are also in the trash. I could've lost all attachments if I went with it (even though I backed up my storage folder)

    I want to delete all attachments from one computer, keep the attachments in the other one, but be able to sync from both computers
  • It sounds like you moved attachments to the trash within Zotero, which isn't what I said to do. You have to do a search — using your operating system's filesystem tools — in the Zotero data directory, and move the actual PDF files to the trash. You shouldn't make any changes in Zotero itself, which would sync to other computers like any other change you make.
  • Ah, excuse me I should have paid closer attention. Thank you that worked now, all good, have a happy New Year!
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