"An error has occurred. Please restart Zotero"

Report ID: 2039948111
Zotero 5.0.80 on Linux Mint.

While editing a note in its own window I dragged a rather large pdf into Zotero. The error occurred at this point. However the pdf was imported and its metadata recognized. Everything else appears OK on restart.
Translators had recently been updated.
  • If you can reproduce this, we'd want to see a Debug ID (different from a Report ID) for adding the PDF and causing a crash.
  • Thanks Dan. Tried to reproduce but no luck. Is it OK to leave debug output logging on in case it does reoccur?
  • You can, though it'll turn off automatically when you next restart Zotero. It also could theoretically slow things down a bit and use a lot of memory, though the total number of lines logged are capped.

    Unless this is something you're seeing regularly, I'd recommend not worrying about it.
  • OK. Cheers. I'll put it out of my mind. Happy new year to you and yours!
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