Automatic Metadata Retrieve from many Docs at once

Hi there!
I'm trying to load my whole Pdf document collection in Zotero, but I'm having a small problem. After Loading a big amount of pdf in Zotero I can do an automatic metadata retrieve file by file. When Zotero is not able to retieve the info, I type it in by hand. Which is not that bad, since most of the time Zotero is able to get the info.

When I try to recover Metadata data from many files at once I have a problem. If the file has metadata, Zotero retrieves it. If there is no data, zotero skips it. Now, sometimes Zoteros can either retrieve the data nor skip the file (an label it as Error). It'll just stay for ever there trying to retrieve something. The only way to solve the problem is to cancel everything. The rest of the Files in the list won't be analysed.

Is there a way to include a time limit for the search or maybe include a skip button besides the cancel button?
Is there another way to solve this problem?


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