LibreOffice crashing when I try to insert citations

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  • I have come across this thread as I try to solve my issue of libre Office crashing when I try to insert references. Using Libre Office 6.271 and Zotero 5.08. Any suggested solutions?
  • Start by updating to LibreOffice 6.2.8, the latest version.

    What version of Java do you have selected in the LibreOffice preferences?

    By crash do you mean a full crash or a freeze?
  • 6.2.8 not yet available for opensuse.... can in principle be done, looking into it.

    Version of Java: openjdk11

    Crash of Zotero and Libre Office writer
  • Crash of Zotero and Libre Office writer
    I'm still not sure what you mean by that. As in, they both close completely? Do you have a crash log?

    In any case, we can't do much other than suggest that you install the latest versions of everything you're running. E.g., JDK 13 is the current GA version.
  • Yes, they both close completely.

    I upgrading. Hopefully that works.

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