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Hi, I understand how to get articles of an edited volume into Zotero. But I would also need to have just the edited volume as an entry in Zotero (this needs to appear in my bibliography as a whole volume, like this: Bruck, G. and B. Bodenhorn (eds.) 2006 The Anthropology of Names and Naming. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.).
Thanks for letting me know how to do this.
Also: I need to put several chapters of the same edited volume ino Zotero. I can't quite believe that the title and editors of the book need to be put in each time anew!? Surely Zotero must have saved the editors and title after the first time I put them in. But how can I access it? (this function is available in citavi - you get a dropdown with the titles of the edited volumes already in the database, and just choose the right one).
I am certainly missing something. Thanks for pointing me to it!
  • Store chapters in an edited volume as "Book Section". Store the whole volume as "Book", maintaining the same information (moving "Book Title" to "Title" of course). The easiest way to do what you are asking is probably to duplicate an entry and then switch the type (dropdown menu at the top), then correct the information. The information will be copied (but will need to be adjusted). Zotero will also try to auto-fill information (when you start typing in a field) if already saved in other entries, like editor names, etc.

    Zotero does not have a feature to relate parent/child items so that in the bibliography itself it will say, e.g. "In Smith (ed.)" referring to the other volume. That feature has been discussed/requested here on the forums a number of times so you can look up those threads. The feature is being considered for a future version of Zotero.
  • Thank you for the quick reply. So "book" also covers "edited volume"? (that needs getting used to...)
    I now retrieved some information on edited volumes from google scholar. The entries are correct in Zotero, but in the overview of my entries, these one's have no entry in the "creator" column (though they are correctly in as "editors" when retrieving a "report" or bibliography). The "creator" column is empty. Any advice? Thank you!
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    So "book" also covers "edited volume"? (that needs getting used to...)
    Correct. The information entered will determine the specific formatting (and based on the style you choose). Variants like authored books with an editor are also supported.
    The entries are correct in Zotero, but in the overview of my entries, these one's have no entry in the "creator" column (though they are correctly in as "editors" when retrieving a "report" or bibliography). The "creator" column is empty. Any advice?
    I'm not sure I follow exactly what is happening: how is that entry different from the others where the creator column is filled? (What happens if you try to make a bibliography from that entry? Does it show the creator?)
  • If I make a bibliography, the creator shows, but in the list on zotero, where for books (authored) and articles, I see a name/names in the creator column, I don't see any names for edited volumes.
  • It should (I'm looking at some entries in my library like that right now). Did you leave a blank entry for 'Author' in addition to the editor? Otherwise I'm not sure what would cause that, but someone else will be able to help.
  • There's a recent bug where some people aren't seeing editors listed in the Creator column. I can only reproduce that on Windows, not macOS, which is very strange (and there might be some other cause), but we'll investigate.
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    Oh, disregard, nothing to do with the OS. I believe it would only happen in new databases, not existing ones. We'll fix.
  • Fixed in the latest Zotero beta, which will be out in a few minutes, and the fix will be included in 5.0.81 soon.
  • Thanks, djross3 and dstillman! I prefer not to use Zotero beta, and hope it will be fixed soon on the version I use (not sure which one it is and where to look it up, but installed 1 week ago).
  • I'm experiencing the same bug on my end i.e., entries with an editor instead of author appear blank in 'Creator' column. Hopefully this'll get fixed soon!
  • Hi again, am just wondering if there might now be a solution for the problem that entries with an editor (instead of an author) appera blan in the "Creator" column. If there is anything I should do on my side to fix this, thank you for letting me know.
  • This will be fixed once Zotero 5.0.81 is released. You can check your (and thus the current) Zotero version under Help --> About
  • Zotero 5.0.81 is available now with this fix.
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