Request new style APA 6th for footnotes

The Citation Compass used by several universities in Norway has made a derivative style for footnotes based on APA 6. See: Would it be possible for Zotero to add this style to its style repository? It seems to be identical to APA 6 except for the following adjustments: It is footnote based and the format of the reference in the footnote is: Author year: page. Example: Campbell and Petersen 2007: 123

Bibliography should be identical to APA 6.

Kind regards
Harald Aarbakke
  • Thank you, but it would be really helpful for our students to be able to find it in the Zotero Style Repository. We have used an in-house style that the students had to download and then upload into Zotero, creating a technical barrier for some of them. To be able to point them to the Zotero Style Repository would be much easier for both them an us.

    The apa-note.csl is quite similar to the style of Citation Compass, it differs by adding a comma after both author and year, and precedes the page number with a p.

    I could try to adjust the style so that it matches the Citation Compass, but would be grateful if it became available in the Zotero Style Repository. Would that be possible?
  • Do you have any idea why they would do this?
    a) author-date citations in footnotes are maximally reader unfriendly and
    b) why deviate in every way from APA format for the author-date citation?

    I guess we'd take it if it's required to use for students, but I wish students would just get taught existing standards (that's the point of standards, after all) rather than inventing new ones...
  • I have no definite answer to your question, but to a) I think it is made for papers in the humanities with a strong interest in using footnotes for references and additional comments combined with a wish to make the references as short as possible in student papers that should be of a maximum lenght.
    As to why they choose to deviate in the format for author-date I agree with you that it seems to be totally unnecessary.
    It is however a very much used webpage for university students in Norway as it teaches both how to refer and to evaluate the sources you use.
  • Maybe someone can tell me whether you assume that I will provide the modified style and if so, how and where I should post it.
    If this will be taken care of by some of you who create styles, it would be good to know, also approximately when the style will be ready.
  • I have not received any response to this request and have tried to accomodate APA6 to Citation Compass. What I have done so far is:
    Line 2: class="in-text" changed to class="note"
    Lines 4-7 changed different title, short-title, id and added extra link to documentation.
    Line 32: <category citation-format="author-date"/> changed to <category citation-format="note"/>
    Lines 338, 349, 369 and 388 changed and="symbol" to and="text"
    Line 1472: <layout prefix="(" suffix=")" delimiter="; "> changed to <layout delimiter="; ">

    I am struggling with changing short cite delimiter after author from , to : and to remove pp. before page numbers, that is from e.g. Nielsen and Thon 2008, pp. 43-46 to Nielsen and Thon 2008: 43-46. Could someone point me to where this should be done in APA6?
  • I’m happy to make a style for you if you can link to a style guide posted for these requirements. Is there one?
  • Thank you, I think I managed to correct the remaining issues, but I would appreciate it if you could check my editing. A link to the adjusted style is found here:!Aoj6WPyZ2lMEsIIYHI6KffkZi0Zmug?e=s9f6eT
    The name of the style you might want to adjust. I have named it American Psychological Association 6th edition for footnotes (Citation Compass). I have run it through the CSL Validator and it passed the test without errors.
    I would appreciate it very much if the style could be added to the style repository for easy download and install. It should comply with these requirements:
  • To save some time in checking the style, the bibliography is identical to APA6, it is the inline-cite that is moved to footnote without parenthesis, & is replaced with and, no locator before page numbers, and delimiter between year and page number is :
    That should be it.
  • How are other locators, like Chapter 5, cited?
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    I have now checked every reference type in both English and Norwegian. Unfortunately, the requirements differ in the following three cases:
    1. In Norwegian an E-book example given is: Goodfellow, Bengio & Courville 2016: kap. 1, avsn. 3. (chap. 1, par. 3., also using ampersand which is wrong) The same reference type is Mughal 2016: 14 in the English version.
    2. A music recording in Norwegian is Bernard & Smith 1934/2010: spor 7. (track) In English Bernard & Smith 1934/2010: 7.
    3. Primary sources like Diplomatarium Norvegicum should be added as DN XXII nr. 433-434. (Volume and number).
    These are the only reference types that does not specify page number only. Perhaps it would be wise to include a possibility for either chapter or track?

    For all other reference types it is page number only.

    PS. I have sent an email to Kildekompasset asking for a clarification.
  • No, that’s sufficient. It’s clear what the pattern is. Include a short form label. Thanks.
  • Hi again! Today I received information from Citation Compass that they will update their style to comply with APA7 around August 2020. We would like to have a style available for the spring term, but if it is easier to just start with APA7 now and then possibly modify it slightly later on around August 2020 that is fine with me. What I suggest is thus to adjust for footnotes according to the current requirements, but let the bibliography comply with APA7. If you prefer to modify APA6 and then do the APA7 variant later on, that is also fine.
  • Easier to do APA 7. I will try to get to it in the next week.
  • Very good, thank you!
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    Two questions:

    1. Would it make more sense to label this Kildekompasset or Citation Compass?
    2. In the English examples, "and" is used, but in the Norwegian examples, "&" is used. Which should it be?
  • Thank you so far.
    As for 1) perhaps “Kildekompasset (APA7 for fotnoter or footnotes)” (depending on whether the name should be in Norwegian or English) because they deal with both regular APA, IEEE, CMS and this variant of APA. They name this style APA for footnotes themselves, but it is useful to include Kildekompasset or Citation Compass in the name in the Zotero repository.
    As for 2) I think ”and” or localized ”og” is to be preferred. I guess localization is done according to standard localization features in Zotero.

    Also, thanks for making the style available for testing so soon. I will give it a thorough test within a day or two and report my findings here.
  • Which would be more appropriate for the title, in English or Norwegian (either is fine)? Which are students more likely to look for?
  • I’ll give you an answer on Monday after discussing it with some of my colleagues, if that’s OK with you?
  • Sure no rush
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    Hello again!
    I have now tested the style made available for testing and it looks good.
    1) The name Citation Compass (APA note) is fine. Most of the styles provided in the repository has English names as standard and we are happy to follow that tradition. It makes it easier for our international students to find the correct style, while our Norwegian students are used to searching for English named styles already.
    2) I have tested the style with several different types of items and all seems to be as it should be.
    3) One final note about the ampersand or and. I have checked their website again and if I read the website for the Citation Compass correctly, the style used in the footnote should be as it is in the bibliography. This means that ampersand should be used between two authors and not and.

    To conclude, when and has been changed back to ampersand, the style should be ready to go, as far as I can tell. Thank you for the efforts put into making this style available.
  • The style is now on the Zotero Style Repository.
  • Than you very much, highly appreciated!
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