Translator issue: Mainichi Daily News

I submitted an error log (ID 1606151718) as I'm getting an error using the translator for the Japanese newspaper website Mainichi Shinbun. I get the following error message when I try to save an article (Save to Zotero (Mainichi Daily News)) to Zotero:
"An error occurred saving with Mainichi Daily News. Attempting to save using Embedded Metadata instead."

A couple of links that I've encountered the problem:

Could you please take a look at issue? I use the website very frequently so I would very much appreciate it if the translator can get fixed.

I'm using Zotero 5.0.80 with Zotero Connector for Firefox 5.0.60 on Ubuntu 19.04. Thank you.
  • Okay, I see the problem. They updated the structure of the Japenese websites slightly (the English ones should still work). This should be easy to fix in the translator. Stay tuned...
  • This is now fixed — thanks for reporting. Your Zotero Connector should auto-update within 24 hours, or you can update manually by clicking Update Translators in the Advanced pane of the Zotero Connector preferences.

    Any further problems let us know & thanks for reporting.
  • Thank you very much for helping me out!!

    I tried it out after manually updating my translators. For some reason, the problem seems to be persisting... Not sure why. I'm getting the exact same error messages as described above.
  • I submitted another error report: ID 380706239

    This has been tried after activating an update of my translators. I'm not sure if it helps, but I would very much appreciate it if you could take a look. Thank you very much.
  • @dstillman for some reason that doesn't seem to get updated in clients. Doesn't work for me either (and debug as well as local file show the old translator)
  • @areteichi -- for some reason the updated translator isn't being made available automatically, so no need for you to keep trying this until you hear back here.
  • Is that still the case for you?
  • Working now as does the translator. @areteichi could you try again after, again, updating translators
  • Yeah, I can confirm that the translator has now been updated and the website can be saved properly. Thank you very much for your help!!
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