Archive field does not display for "Journal Article" item type

edited December 16, 2019
Hi (again),

I am using CMS 17.

I notice that unlike the "Magazine" and "News Article" item types, a bibliographic reference for the "Journal Article" type does not include the "Archive" field. I know that I could treat the journal article as one from a magazine or newspaper, but then I would lose the volume and issue number. Is this on account of a CMS recommendation? Is there anyway to override this? Or is it just too complicated for a newb to do?

I know that such a question might seem excessively nitpicky, but it is asked (as with thread in the spirit of the [secondary?] purpose of citation: to aid fellow researchers in locating sources in the most efficient way possible by providing the most accurate information available. Ironically, per its recommendations, CMS seems to forget this at times.

Of course another possibility is to implement the changes manually after creating the bibliography, however, this becomes a very daunting task when the bibliography itself is 250-300+ sources. As, at least in my case, issues involving missing fields are not infrequent, I will have to check each generated bibliographic reference to see what information is lacking and input it manually.

Maybe it's time for me to take a CSS class. lol.

Many thanks.


  • Would you have an example? Journal articles in archives seem odd? I think this might be a simpler change in the style template
    (FWIW, the Chicago Manual itself actually is quite flexible and likely would indeed encourage you to provide information you consider useful to readers -- it's just that once you translate it into an automated citation style, we need to make some calls on what the most common/standard practice is)
  • So, to give you an example, some art research libraries such as MOMA's or the MET's assemble files on particular artists containing items such as press releases, brochures, letters, news/magazine clippings, and the odd journal article. For instance, in the Frida Kahlo artist file, there is a 1945 journal article from a now defunct Cuban publication. It is likely that the artist file is one of the few if not the only location where one might find this article in the US. This is not uncommon when one is dealing with Latin American publications from up through the first half of the 20th century. I use "archive" and "archive place" to record this kind of information.

    I've already mentioned the need for page numbers with magazine and news articles. Another issue I wanted to call to your attention to regards the "volume" and "issue" fields with the "magazine" and "journal article" item types:

    Sometimes journals or magazines will have an issue number, but not a volume number. In Zotero, if memory serves me, the issue number will not be included in the generated citation if the "volume" field is left empty.

    Other times a magazine issue is numbered and bound together with other issues into a volume. This is common with older magazine issues. So, for example, a citation for a 1938 article in the magazine ARTnews would ideally contain a volume and issue number and date (MM/DD/YY) plus the page number(s).
  • I have a related request. I apologize if this is already somewhere else but I have not found it.

    The "Archive" and "Loc. in archive" fields also do not appear in the "Web page" item type (although I see them in "Journal Article" so I assume this has already been changed). I have recently become aware of just how ephemeral web pages can be, frequently changing or completely disappearing. I would like to start archiving web pages that I cite using Wayback Machine or similar and so I would like to be able to include this information in the database. Can these fields, and perhaps other related fields, be added to "Web Page"?

    Thank you.
  • I would recommend just storing the archived URL in the URL field if you want it cited or as an attached link if not.
  • Whilst it is logical to store the archive link as the URL (as I want to cite the web page at a particular point in time, not the current possibly changed page), the journal I am currently planning to submit to requires both the original URL and the archive URL. To do so would require manual editing after stripping the codes.

    Also the Wayback Machine archive URL includes the original URL but not all archiving systems do this so the original URL would be lost, or at least obscured.
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