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I've read all of the troubleshooting threads for google docs I can find. I've restarted chrome, restarted zotero, started a new document, etc. When I try to use "add/edit citation", it shoots me over to Zotero instead of opening a dialog search box. From zotero, there is nothing I can do. Sometimes it also gives a bit waiting blue and read "waiting" bar, but sometimes nothing at all.

I *have* used the zotero extension successfully in the past, but I'm not sure how many updates to my OS, browser, or zotero there have been in the meantime.
  • Have you made sure to cycle through all your open Windows? The add citation dialog easily opens behind existing windows for google docs.
  • yes. What does seem to be floating between windows is a large red rectangle with a flashing blue bar down the middle. But no dialog box.
  • @adomasven will want a debug ID from Zotero for trying to insert a citation that causes that weird behavior. Ideally have all Zotero and browser add-ons (other than Zotero itself, of course) disabled
  • well, now that I turned off *all* other extensions, it works! I thought I had already done that, but found some that were still on.
  • in your browser or in Zotero? It'd be good to know about any conflicts with extensions.
  • I turned off all extensions in chrome. I don't know which was causing the problem... But it's actually not working quite yet. It has trouble "updating" and I get an error that looks like this: "Selected field 4YeqC4 not returned from Docs backend"
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    In case you haven't managed to solve this quite yet, do you see any problems with extensions disabled in a new doc? Make sure you test after restarting Zotero and your browser.
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