Best catalogue for grazing metadata in Yiddish and Hebrew writing

Looking for the most comprehensive zotero-compatible catalogue to graze metadata from for a friend. Little luck with the Jerusalem and Haifa Aleph systems. Better ideas anyone working in Yiddish and Hebrew?
  • What's the problem with those catalogs? -- we should do OK for Aleph catalogs in general (example URLs or searches would help as always).

    Note that library catalogs mostly work for books -- journal articles are always a problem.
  • I've obviously gone by an outdated report. Checking just now, I see that the library has changed to a system called Merhav last week. The top level (search results) works quite well: ברנר . One level below, for an individual book (e.g.) קבוץ חרות לחג עשור : גבעת ברנר י"ג בכסלו תרצ" I only get a webshot item in the connector (and in the subsequent entry in Zotero) instead of a book item. If I tick the corresponding book from the top-level link (yellow connector folder) I get a book entry correctly. (It also seems that the catalogue lists titles and authors separated by a slash.) All in all not perfect but workable and an improvement over the previous catalogue. Will ask further after more testing - thanks for your help.
  • Yeah, the lower level individual book looks like a completely different system from the top level, which is a Primo instance, well supported by Zotero. Not sure we can do anything about the individual item view.
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