Error message for new web based interface: Invalid 'itemKey' value ','.

this is the message I got when I click on the a record.
Received error from Zotero server: Invalid 'itemKey' value ','.
  • What can I do?
  • Is this happening regularly for you?
    What OS and browser are you on? Is this your personal or a group library?
    Is this every time you click on any item from the list, or are there more detailed conditions?
  • It is happening about 50% of the time in Beta, I'm in a Windows environment using Firefox or Chrome. I'm only working in a Group Library now, but it happens to other group members too. It happens to older and newer records. I will track the Browser the next time it happens. I will try to use the Beta more to see patterns.
  • edited April 9, 2020
    Looks like it only happens when the itemtype is a presentation. Not true see next comment.
  • I get the itemkey value error in the web library when I click on an item that has relations to other items.
  • Thank you @vincentverdult for investigating, looks like there might indeed be an issue with items with related items in group libraries. I'll look into this and post again once I know more.
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