Can I create a new library in Zotero?

Or I can only create new collections under the only one "My Library" ?
  • You can create groups, including with just one member (i.e. yourself), which work like additional libraries, but you can't have multiple "My Libraries", no.
  • Thank you!
    But I found it is not possible to sync attachment files in other libray using other sync applications?
    In the zotero preferences > Sync >Settings > File syncing, only said "Sync attachment files in My Libray using Zotero/Webdav".
  • File attachments in Group libraries are always synced using Zotero.
  • So if the question is whether you can have multiple libraries syncing through webDAV or using links to files rather than attachments, the answer is no.
  • edited October 7, 2021
    Related question, why is there a "Choose Libraries" button under "Sync" if all users can only have one library? Why even give that option if there's no way to create an additional library anyway? What is that button there for?

    Seems to me it would be useful to have several libraries that sync to different settings. For instance I might like to sync my "Work" library to my work computer and my "Home" library to my laptop.
    As another example, I have a bunch of old citations in my library that I don't want to sync to a new computer because that takes a long time and uses bandwidth and diskspace unnecessarily. Would be nice to create a new library when changing jobs, positions, settings, or for other reasons.
  • Every group is a separate library. The "Choose Libraries" button lets you sync which of these you sync.
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