app not compatible with win 32

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  • I was using zotero on the PC and then it said updating but now I can't access zotero as it says app not compatible with win 32. I have all my research in zotero so very worried. When i go onto the cloud I can see the research but it won't let me create a bibliography so at this point I need some help..anyone know how to resolve this. Thanks urgent!!!
  • Sorry I am not on a new computer so I posted in the wrong place...
  • What version of Windows?
  • XP version. Zotero was working, then it said it was updating and that is when the problem started. When I log in on line I can't create bibliographies as when I click nothing happens.
    Thanks again ...if you can help me out
  • Sorry, Zotero requires Windows 7 or later.

    If it's an emergency, you can redownload Zotero 5.0.77, which might work (though we haven't claimed to support Windows XP in over a year), but you really need to upgrade to a modern version of Windows. Microsoft ended support for XP years ago, it's no longer safe to use, and it's no longer supported by major browsers.
  • To help other people still on XP avoid this, we're now continuing to push 5.0.77 to XP users and are serving 5.0.77 from the download page when using Windows XP. We'll also add a note to the download page explaining that it's an outdated version.

    But I would strongly encourage you to upgrade to a current version of Windows that receives security updates and that can run current versions of software.
  • Thank yoyu very much for your help and advice!
    Could you tell me how to create bibliographies when I log in on line and use the cloud. I don't get any icon allowing me to create a bibliography when I click, nothing appears. Thanks
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    The online library can generate one-off bibliographies, but it isn't a replacement for the app, and I can't get into how to use it.

    If you're on XP, you should just reinstall Zotero 5.0.77 for now until you can upgrade to a newer version of Windows.
  • Thank you very much for your precious help! Really useful..
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