Tag entry - visibility

edited December 6, 2019
I'm using Zotero desktop. I often have so many tags to enter for an item that the list is longer than the available space. That means my entering an item right at the bottom of the screen. (I think only with today's update) the entry line is visible but the drop-down with alternatives is not, unless I move the window down each time.

[tried to paste a pic here but couldn't - has this changed?]

It would be nice if the drop-down dropped-up to keep it visible (didn't it used to do this?) - is this possible or is it a Windows thing?

  • You can post a picture to any free image hosting site like imgur.com and link to it here (adding images has never been possible here). I think that'd be helpful here. The tag selector has been re-written, so very much possible there's some undesirable GUI behavior that didn't get caught in testing.
  • Image visible at https://imgur.com/a/KLygaux shows bottom of tag entry pane
  • I should add that the Tag button now remains visible, instead of disappearing upwards as the list lengthens, which is welcome.
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