Using Zotero in Google Docs with multiple Google Accounts

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  • I have that same issue. My Zotero account uses my uni email (connected to google suite), and so I thought the issue might be that I was trying to use it on my personal account, but I was unable to create a Zotero citation in a uni google document. I have no problems using Zotero on my desktop in the office, but whenever I try to add a Zotero citation on my Windows 10 laptop, the little window to authenticate stays white and doesn't load. I have Zotero 5.0.80 and my Connector is version 5.0.60 (stating that it is up-to-date). I use Firefox version 70.0.
    I'd really appreciate some help. Thanks
  • I have the same issue. It would be useful to use Zotero in Google Doc by it produce error, probably because University email is not the same than Google email.
  • If you are authenticated with multiple Google accounts, after restarting the browser when you first use the Zotero integration in a Google Docs Zotero will prompt you to select an account you want to authenticate with. The integration will only work if you select the account that the document you are citing in belongs to. If you need to switch google accounts and docs you will have to restart the browser.
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