Cannot edit item in read-only library IPCL-refs

We have a group library IPCL-refs. Recently synchronization with this library fails with the error message "Cannot edit item in read-only library IPCL-refs" for users (not admins). The Debug ID is 2131362931.

For Admins there is a different problem relating to the SSL certificate of the Amazon server:
"Zotero could not make a secure connection. An error occurred during a connection to ..."
I have asked our network administration to resolve this as the issue seems to be with the proxy server. I mention this here as it may relate to the first issue.

I would appreciate your assistance.
  • edited December 5, 2019
    Start by updating to the latest version of Zotero, currently 5.0.80.

    Could we see a Debug ID for a sync attempt that produces the above error? You provided a Report ID.

    (The proxy server problem isn't relevant.)
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