Advanced search mode and compose key input clash

This might be an edge case, but never the less it took me a moment to understand the problem and it was confusing.

Situation: I wanted to search for an item by an author 'Krämer'
Since I don't have a German keyboard I used the compose key sequence to get the umlaut like this:
'Kr{compose key}"amer' which turns the input into 'Krämer'
The list had no results, but I new the publication was there.

What happened is that because part of the compose key sequence contains the quote, the search switched to advanced mode and for whatever reason did not switch back into regular mode when it disappears (the " and the a become ä).

A solution would be to either only go to advanced mode if two double quote symbols are in the search field or to go back into normal mode when the quotes aren't in the search field any more.

  • In the mean time, just press enter after you are done typing to initiate the search.
  • @mxn: What OS and what Zotero version? I just tested this on stock Ubuntu 19.10 and it doesn't switch into advanced mode for me. The results clear when I press the Compose key and the placeholder character shows up in the search box (since nothing matches that character), but as soon as I press " and it's transformed into ä the proper results show up.
  • mxn
    edited December 5, 2019
    @dstillman This is Zotero 5.0.80 in Kubuntu 19.10 and your described behaviour is exactly what I'd expect it would do but it doesn't here. If you open an issue on github I'll gladly upload a gif illustrating it.
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