Nested citation for book chapters

I'm sorry if this is not related directly to Zotero, but I am also trying to create a proper citation style for the Institution Journal. When citing a book chapter, is it possible that the Bibliography record is formatted with a citation of the full book instead of the title?
Connors 2019: The ideal title. In: Abel & al. 2019, pp. 35-78.

and then I will have
Abel & al. 2019: The complete title of the book, Abel A., Connors C. & Zimmer Z. (eds.), London 2019.
  • Not really possible in CSL, no. You could probably get the citation to come out this way with some effort, but it would be repeated for every chapter from that book because CSL assumes a 1:1 citation <-> bibliography match
  • Any approach is going to take some work. I would recommend citing both the book and chapters in text, then manually editing the chapter references after you are done writing and click Unlink Citations to disconnect the document from Zotero. Depending on the citation style, it might also work to delete the book title and publisher from the chapter items in your library that should be shortened, but I would advise against that so that citations to these items are correct in any future projects you work on. Depending on the style requirements, you could also edit the CSL style to change the formatting rules.
  • Some older thoughts on this, if you want to try to do it semi-automatically:
  • Thank you everybody for your suggestions! I will see if this can be achieved or not and if it is worth the time in programming.
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