Problem with fields with kubikat

Hello everybody,
I am fairly new at Zotero and I was checking the compatibility with the kubikat catalogue Even if the Connector can easily save the data, even for groups of records, some information are not properly stored. If you have a book chapter or a journal article, no information about the journal is stored while it appear on the site record (i.e. In:...). Is this a problem on how the datas are stored or a missing link between Zotero and Kubikat?
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  • Can you give the URL for a specific item that fails to save correctly?
  • aleph has session IDs so we'd need a catalog and search term or title of a work you're using.

    Generally speaking, library catalogs fare poorly with cataloging chapters and journal articles (because the underlying data format wasn't designed for them), but we can certainly take a look.
  • Thank you for your answers. This is a link to an article
    Hopefully they will improve the connections soon!
  • Yes, I'm afraid we won't be able to do much about this. The relevant information for the journal is in fields designated as "Notes" in the cataloging standard (the 59x MARC fields in case someone is interested in the technical details), so everyone is going to do this differently and we can't really import this reliably. Sorry about that.
  • Thank you for this information, since I know that they are upgrading to a new version, I will report to the developers and see if there is room for improvement or if this is already planned!
  • Technical: If the (new) catalog supported other metadata formats (e.g. MODS or even RIS), ideally linked in the metaheader using link rel="alternate" (see ) that would be super helpful
  • I will report it, if they don't know already!
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