update to 5.0.78 makes Zotero un-usably slow

Hi there,

My Windows 10 machine just updated zotero (with my approval) to 5.0.78 but now, whereas tagging items in my large bibliography with lots of large tags was quick and efficient, today it hangs (says 'not responsive' in the top bar) and won't function for 20 seconds or so after typing 2 or 3 letters into a tag field.

I've restarted the computer already and then run a debug output report when the problem kept occurring. The debut output report # is D494883155.

Any help you can provide will be welcome, as it says in the title bar, Zotero is un-usable at this speed of entry.

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    Same problem here on GNU/Linux running Zotero 5.0.78.

    When I try to create or edit tags, Zotero hangs and CPU usage goes through the roof!

    I've submitted Debug ID D1270065628 with bug report ID 992277220.

    This is a complete dealbreaker/breaking bug since I can't use Zotero at all without tags.

    Can anyone advise on how to further troubleshoot this problem? Thank you.
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    Tag box performance issues are being investigated. A fix should come soon.
  • Thank you!
  • Thank you @adomasven! Really hope this will be fixed very soon.
  • Zotero 5.0.80 just installed, and this issue is resolved! Thanks so much!
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