citation styles not available in zotero

We are planning to submit a review in Tissue eng part B(Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.).
I am using Zotero software and I am not able to find the citation style for Tissue eng. Part B. There is tissue eng. option in citation style but it is arranging references in a different way than required. is it possible to know which citation style I should choose?
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  • I guess you don't want to say the "style is not available", but that there might be a mistake?
    If so, please point out the mistakes and we can have a look at fixing it.
  • I could not find the style for Tissue Engineering, Part B(Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.).
    If the citation style is already there please inform me.
  • Thank for the reply ...this is exactly the problem. when I select this the format is


    Hisakata R, Nishida S, Johnston A. An adaptable metric shapes perceptual space. Curr. Biol. [Internet]. 26(14), 1911, 2016 [cited 2016 Oct 3]; Available from:

    but when as per the journal the requirement is as below
    1-4 (superscript)

    92. Jia, W., Lau, G.Y., Huang, W., Zhang, C., Tomsia, A.P., and Fu, Q. Bioactive glass for large bone repair. AdvHealthc Mater 4, 2842, 2015.

    please have look on for more information:

    Please inform if you have solution to this
  • See, this is where it was confusing what you were saying...

    You mean the URL etc.?
    That can be suppressed.

    Toggle "Include URLs of paper articles in references" in the "Styles" > "Cite" tab of the Zotero preferences.
  • when I use Tissue eng option


    Duval K, Grover H, Han L-H, Mou Y, Pegoraro AF, Fredberg J, et al. Modeling Physiological Events in 2D vs. 3D Cell Culture. Physiology (Bethesda). 32(4), 266, 2017;

    now please inform me if I can do
    1-4 (superscript)
    in the same option
  • I have submitted a fix to change the in-text part to superscript numbers, amongst some other issues.
    Once it's been accepted (it's currently on "open") the style will automatically update in Zotero and you can then refresh your document. It will take a week or two till the style fix gets accepted.
  • Thank you very much for making changes :)
  • I would like to know one more thing.. in the same style I am getting semicolon at the end of the publication year

    for Example:
    Duval K, Grover H, Han L-H, Mou Y, Pegoraro AF, Fredberg J, et al. Modeling Physiological Events in 2D vs. 3D Cell Culture. Physiology (Bethesda). 32(4), 266, 2017;

    is there any way or option to change semicolon(;) to full stop(.)

    I am sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Check if you had a suffix entered for that citation. (Click on it, then it should open a bubble to enter page, pre- and suffix).

    The fixed style has been accepted. I would recommend you to update Z and refresh your document.
  • Thank you for very quick style fixing.

    No, I do not have a suffix entered.

    Do I need to change something in style editor?
  • Dear friend,
    Thank you very much for resolving all the issues very quickly.
  • Hi, the Tissue Engineering style still does not give the correct format. Zotero outputs this (but the 48 is bold):

    De Moor, L., Beyls, E., and Declercq, H. Scaffold Free Microtissue Formation for Enhanced Cartilage Repair. Ann Biomed Eng. 48, 298, 2020.

    And Tissue Engineering require this:

    Saidova AA, Vorobjev IA. Lineage commitment, signaling pathways, and the cytoskeleton systems in mesenchymal stem cells. Tissue Eng Part B Rev 2020;26:13-25.

    The year/issue/pages are in the wrong order and issue number is bold. Is there any way to resolve this without having to change them all manually?
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