How can I help improve Zotero's auto-fill features?

Hi! I am obsessed with Zotero and use it constantly; it makes my work so much easier. I've noticed that some websites that have specific patterns for titles, authors, and dates are consistently incorrectly cited when they're first pulled into Zotero from the web browser attachment. For example, anything from only pulls in the first author, regardless of how many authors are listed on the article. Is there someone I can contact to provide feedback on websites that have low-hanging-fruit issues like this? I'd love to help in any way I can. Thanks!
  • The scripts used for item saving are called Translators. Some sites have dedicated translators, whereas others use generic translators based on the metadata on the page. If the page metadata is poor or unusually structured, then a dedicated translator may help. You can learn more about translators here:
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    For more than a decade the CDC's policy for the MMWR has been to only use the lead author for internal communications. I guess that they treat webpage headers as internal documents. You can almost always get full authorship lists from databases such as PubMed, and commercial databases such as EBSCO. The FTP files of MMWR metadata for indexing services contains full author lists except when the report comes from multiple U.S. states with many authors from each state AND from several different committees where full membership isn't included -- I've received MMWR metadata with more than 25 authors included.
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